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Distinguishing between the two types of products.

A quick overview for each product (not including the decking materials) describes if that product is a Special Order Item or a Regular Stock Item.  A decking material, profile and length is considered to be a Regular Stock Item if there is a green block in its "Availability Column".  If a certain decking material, profile or length is not available for pick up/shipping within 24 hours then this material is a Special Order Item.

Special Order Items

All special order items need to be prepaid 100% by credit card, debit card or a certified cheque.  You can pay by credit card securely online or at our office.  You can pay by debit card at our office only and certified cheques can either be mailed or dropped off in person.  Our office address is 45 Brisbane Rd. unit 9, Toronto, ON M3J 2K1.  It is best to call ahead and let us know you are coming.

Regular Stock Items

If you are picking up a regular stock item from our office, you can pay by credit, debit or with a certified cheque at our office at the time of pick up.  If you are having a regular stock item shipped or delivered it needs to be pre-paid 100% either by credit card online or by credit/debit/certified cheque at our office.