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The bright spot for every garden, terrace or patio. Gives a striking touch of "Warm White" LED light that is also visible during the day. The fixture is subtle but seen and easy to install. Combines beautifully with all the other fixtures in the Solitary, Wall or Spot series, and goes particularly well with AMLS-11A LED.
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  • Material: Impact-resistant polycarbonate filled with a special resin
  • Lamp: LED, Warm White, 50,000 burning hours
  • Dimensions: Diameter 22 mm / 0.9 inches, overall height 35 mm / 1.4 inches
  • Light reach 1 metre (3.3 feet)
  • Power: 12 V / 0.5 W
  • Use  Integrated lighting suitable for highlighting paths, drives, patios, pond edges etc.

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