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Frontier Glass Balusters - Frosted Contemporary 32"

Constructed of 4" x 5/16" x 32" tempered safety glass. Install with Frontier Scenic Connectors. 1.5 balusters per LF.

NOTE: For any order that has to be shipped across Canada or Ontario and contains Scenic balusters only 2 boxes of scenic balusters are included in the standard shipping fee.  Due to the weight of these boxes, an additional fee of $23/box in excess of 2 boxes is added.

Price: $118.25 Excl. Tax

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Frontier Glass Balusters - Frosted Contemporary 32"


Create an outdoor "room with a view," using Scenic glass balusters. Straight-edged, Frontier glass balusters made of 5/16"-thick tempered safety glass. Frosted glass balusters, featuring elegant yet subtle designs, add interest and dimension to Scenic rails.

Product Specifications

Style: Frosted Contemporary

Width x Depth: 4" x 5/16"

 Length: 26" (for a 36" rail) and 32" (for 36" face-mount on the rails or 42" between the rails)

Pack Size: 3 Glass Balusters

Material: Tempered glass

Mount Type: 26" or 32" balusters - Between the top and bottom rails
                          32" balusters - Face mount on the outside of rails


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