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IPE CLIP® Extreme™ Fastener Systems - BLACK

The Ipe Clip® Extreme™ Hidden Deck Fastener System features a Quick & Easy installation process because all the work is done from the top-side of the deck so there is no need to stand on your head during the installation of the deck.
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IPE CLIP® Extreme™ Fastener Systems - BLACK


Each box includes Ipe clips (plastic and stainless steel), stainless steel screws, ipe plugs, driver bit and a drill bit. One box covers 100 sq. ft. for 16" o.c. framing and 175 sq. ft. for 24" o.c. framing.

Complete Kit

  • (175) IPE CLIP® EXTREME™ Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • (190) Stainless Steel T10 - Star Drive Screws
  • (12) 3/8" Tapered Ipe plugs
  • (1) 1/8" High Speed Drill Bit
  • (1) Screw Gun Driver Bit
  • (1) Instruction Sheet


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