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Ipe Hardwood

Ipe (pronounced E-e-pay) is a Brazilian hardwood that has become a very popular choice for a decking product in North America. Ipe is not the only hardwood decking material available on the market. There are a number of other hardwood decking products that come from South America. However, Ipe has proven itself to be the most popular hardwood on the market.

What makes Ipe hardwood stand out from the other hardwoods? It almost does not crack in the sun (unlike many other hardwoods). Ipe has a consistent wood grain and it is stronger that most other hardwood decking options. Ipe lasts longer than most hardwoods - anywhere from 40 to 100 years.

Another major advantage of the Ipe over other hardwoods is the fact that it has a proven track record in North America and in cold climates. Ipe is now widely used in commercial and residential projects and is known to most Architects. Atlantic board walk in New York was built around 30 years ago and Ipe has proven itself to be a great and long lasting choice.

Ipe is easy to maintain as it is a very dense wood and does not absorb a lot of the oil. The oiling process needs to be done annually but it gets done very quickly. As the oil wears out, it does not peel off like deck stains. Ipe does not crack, warp or splinter much compared to other hardwoods and softwoods. Other hardwoods are being introduced right now because the supply of ipe is very limited and its price is increasing every year. We suggest purchasing Ipe for your decking project before it gets overly expensive.

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