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Existing Deck Permit Drawing Package

This package is designed for those who already have decks constructed and require “after the fact” approval by the city. If the deck is not built in accordance with the zoning or structural requirements, the city will require drawing showing the existing condition and the proposed changes. This drawings package includes a site visit with a careful assessment of the existing conditions and dimensions.

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Existing Deck Permit Drawing Package


This package is for decks that have been built without a permit and now require drawings.  This package includes a site visit and preparation of "as-built" drawings for the city.  If the deck was not built properly the city may require the drawings to be modified which will be an extra $150 and if an engineering stamp is needed for some custom items it is an extra $250.  Price of this package includes a site visit, careful measurement of the existing structure and preparation of the following drawings:
1. Site layout with your survey
2. Project Overview (Top View)
3. Frame Layout (Top View)
4. Front View
5. Side View
6. Cross section View
7.  Standard railing and stair details.


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