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Deck Permit Drawing Deluxe Package

This package includes the cost of preparation of deck drawings, a site visit in the Greater Toronto Area, and all drawings will be stamped by a licensed engineer.  It does not include any city fees.  Your involvement is minimal and we assist you in designing your deck during the site visit.  Once the drawings are prepared, you take them to the city.

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Deck Permit Drawing Deluxe Package


This package is great for those who do not have much time to be involved with the process and who need assistance in designing a deck.  Engineering stamp is not required - but it is helpful for more complicated projects and also helps the application to pass more easily through the city.  We advise that you go to the city to find out what your setbacks are from property lines so that when you send us sketches of your desired deck, you know that it satisfies all zoning by laws.  Alternatively, you can have us prepare the drawings, you take them to the city and if the drawings need to be changed and deck shape modified because it does not comply with zoning, it's an extra $150 that we charge to completely redo a set of drawings.  
We will prepare a package of drawings which includes:
1. Site layout with your survey
2. Project Overview (Top View)
3. Frame Layout (Top View) (stamped by Engineer)
4. Front View (Stamped by Engineer)
5. Side View (Stamped by Engineer)
6. Cross section View (Stamped by Engineer)
7.  Standard railing and stair details.


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