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TimberTech (Azek) FUSIONLoc Installation Gun

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TimberTech (Azek) FUSIONLoc Installation Gun


TimberTech FUSIONLoc Gun is a strong pneumatic installation tool engineered to provide quick, 3 points of board to joist connection per clip with one-step installation. Screws are collated to make fastening fast and simple. The gun simultaneously installs the clips and screws into the joists fastening the board to the same depth and spacing every time.

  • Engineered for strength and collated for speed
  • Simple one-step installation
  • 3 points of board to joist connection per clip
  • Minimizes expansion and contraction
  • Resists deck frame racking
  • Clips and collated screws into one pneumatic tool
  • Easily removable once installed
  • Matte black finish for hidden look between joists
  • Stainless steel clips and collated screws for long term performance
  • All screws, clips and removal bits are included in every box



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